There are many reasons why Fraser Island is one of Australia’s most iconic off-road family camping destinations. Join us this Sunday as we make our way around the island in a week of epic off-road tracks and family-focused fun for Season 5 of The Offroad Adventure Show!



We moved non-stop around the island for a week and I can tell you two things. There is so much to see of this incredible island, and it’s worth allowing a good chunk of time there (or planning annual trips!)

The Sand Blows at Cathedrals are an impressive sight. If you’re up for the 40 minute hike you can slide (or surf) down the steep sand dunes – so don’t forget you’re boogie board! Great fun for kids big and small!

Watching the sun rise and set over water in the same day is a really special experience on Fraser. We watched the Sun rise on Orchid Beach, and set over Wathumba!

Champagne Pools – with a name like that, how could you go wrong?
There’s a reason this place is so popular. As the waves flow over naturally formed rock pools, it creates a jacuzzi-like vibe as you’re surrounded with fizzing foam. As the tide comes in, so too do lots of fish to create a fun snorkeling experience. Even on low tide (as pictured) the water is still deep enough to have a splash and enjoy the vibrant view of the East coast.

You don’t talk about Fraser without mentioning Indian Head. With jaw-dropping breaks either side it’s so tempting to whip out a surfboard… But with a very healthy shark population you best be leavin’ that one at home. It’s a short walk up to the headland where you’re rewarded with spectacular views like this up and down the coastline.

We chose a pearler of a day to trek up to Sandy Cape! Leaving the school holiday rush behind us we were greeted with some four-legged locals and uphill adventures to reach the lighthouse and it’s 360 degree view of the island.



Beach cruising in a convoy is always a lot of fun. Some were new to Fraser, some had a lifetime of experience, with each trip bringing a fresh perspective of the island. In these episodes of The Offroad Adventure Show we share plenty of tips on tackling sand driving and ever-changing conditions.



If you appreciate the beauty of our Australian landscape, Fraser has a lot of that to offer.



Ngkala Rocks were tricky to navigate, mostly due to the changing terrain as we drove straight from muddy, firmer surfaces into light, fluffy sand.

Being the world’s largest sand island, it’s interesting to see such a variety of vegetation as you move from the beachgrass through gumtrees and banksia’s, further inland to rainforest.



There’s something so awesome about sharing a runway with planes on a beach…


All good things must come to an end… but before you get too comfortable on the ferry – just remember you’ve got InSkip point to tackle next!



Tune in on Sunday 16th and 23rd December 2018 of The Offroad Adventure Show at 12pm (DST) on Channel 10!

All images by TJM Tweed Heads.

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